Calamares (G, L) / 8

deep fried calamari served with Asian chili mayo

Sisig Spring Rolls (L) / 8

Filipino style spring roll served with calamansi mayo

Salmon Tartare (G, L) / 9

fresh raw salmon, marinated with soy chili bed in shiso leaves with avocado puree

Chicken Lettuce Cups (G, L) (Vegan option) / 7

crispy chicken wrap in baby gem salad with beans sprouts, pickled cucumber and kimchi

Bao (L) (Vegan option) / 9

steamed buns, hoisin mayo, pickled papaya, cucumber sambal, chicken, pork or jackfruit

Tokwa (G, L, V) / 7

tofu, eggplant, and soy mirin broth served with tomato salsa

Goreng Cauliflower (G, L, V) / 7

deep fried cauliflower and lotus chips served with Asian chili mayo

Kabute (G, L, V) / 7

crispy mushroom, calamansi mayo, X.0. sauce and soy mirin

Taco Crab (L) / 8

crispy wanton,crab meat,carrots cucumber and mango salsa


Bistek (G, L) (Vegan option) / 19

classic Filipino dish, thinly sliced beef marinated and braised, deliciously medley of salty, tangy and savory flavor

Miso Glazed Salmon (G, L) (Vegan option) / 19

salmon in miso glaze served with seasonal vegetables

Pinakbet (G, L) (Vegan option) / 18

sauteed butternut squash, eggplant, green beans and bok choi in X.O. sauce
choice of: shrimp, pork, salmon or tofu

BBQ Chicken (G, L) (Vegan option) / 18

pan-grilled chicken in homemade Sentro’s BBQ sauce

Pork Char Sui (L) / 18

roasted pork belly in salty,spicy sweet sauce

Sizzling Sisig (G, L) (Vegan option) / 19

crispy pork belly, calamansi, soy sauce, onion, chili, cracklings, egg

Fried Chicken (G, L) / 18

deep fried chicken in honey-calamansi sauce topped with mango salsa

Baby Back Ribs (G, L) / 19

juicy baby back ribs in Asian BBQ sauce

Gambas (G, L) (Gluten-free option) / 20

pan-grilled tiger prawn in garlic and Asian spices


Edamame Falafel (G, L, V) / 17

edamame falafel on mixed green salad with Asian tzatsiki

Asian Crusted Gravlax (G, L) / 19

freshly cured salmon given a modern twist with Asian flavour of coriander and pepper, mixed green salad with Asian sesame dressing

Tiger Prawn (G, L) / 19

greens, pan-grilled tiger prawns, avocado, cucumber, tomato and beans sprouts served with mango salsa


Bibingka (G, L) / 8

Filipino baked coconut rice cake, served with ice cream and candied sesame seeds

Brazo de Leche (G) / 9

soft-pillowy meringue and smooth crème caramel

Trio Macarons (G) / 9

Asian flavored French macarons, mango, lemongrass-ginger and ube (purple yam)

Turon (G, L, V) / 8

coconut lychee ice cream served with crispy wonton and caramelized banana and ripe jackfruit


Plain Rice / 3

Fried Rice / 5

Stir-fried Noodles / 5

Kimchi / 5

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